Empear offers an on-site analysis of your codebase. An analysis from Empear gives you prioritized recommendations on improvements to your systems. We help you identify potential quality issues and team productivity bottlenecks. We also evaluate your whole architecture with respect to how well it supports the evolution of your system. The analysis results are delivered as a written report. We also return to your site and present the results to your organization.

What makes an Analysis from Empear unique?

Our analyses let you cut maintenance costs and manage risks. Our unique approach to software analysis makes it all possible.

The software industry spends a large part of their budget on maintaining code. Even then, we rarely know where our true maintenance problems are. There are multiple reasons for this:

  • Human expertise doesn’t scale: Modern systems are built from million lines of code organized in thousands of files. Such systems are too large for a single individual to reason about.
  • Large organizations: Most codebases are developed by multiple programmers, sometimes hundreds of people, organized in different teams; No one has a holistic picture as the system changes at a rapid rate.
  • Hidden long-term trends: Some of the most severe quality problems aren’t visible in the code itself. Instead, we need to detect long-term patterns in the evolution of the code.

Empear’s tools solve these problems with analyses that tap into the collective intelligence of all developers that contribute to your codebase.

Our analyses are based on the evolution of your system. By identifying patterns in how your code has evolved, we’re able to predict the parts that are most expensive to maintain, at risk for defects or possible team productivity bottlenecks. Our social metrics let you identify key contributors, evaluate how well your current organization fits the way the software is designed, and even identify knowledge loss as developers leave the project or organization.

What can Empear do for you?

Adam Tornhill speaking live.

Our analyses are tailored to multiple roles within a software organisation: 

  • Technical personnel use the information to identify architectural risks, prioritise improvements and monitor the health of the codebase. 
  • Testers use the information to prioritise feature areas to test and use the social analyses to coordinate and communicate with the developers.
  • Technical Leaders and Managers use the information to identify key developers, get organisational insights for on- and off-boarding as well as for risk management.

Our analysis answers a hard question: given all our millions lines of code, where should we focus our efforts to become more productive and minimise risk? 

How do we run the analysis?

We will bring our state of the art analysis tools and run them on your codebase. We’ll also interview key personnel such as technical leads, architects, test leaders and managers. The reason for that is because we want to ensure we understand your challenges, context and organization. These structured interviews are an integral part of an analysis and complement the information from our tools.

Technical Requirements for an Analysis

We analyse the following software systems:

  • You need to use Git for version-control or be able to convert your source code repository to Git (e.g. from Subversion or TFS).
  • We support all major programming languages such as C#, Java, C, C++, JavaScript, Python and many more.
  • Our tools are platform neutral so it doesn’t matter if you use Mac OS, Windows or Linux - we’ll analyse it all.

Order an Analysis

We’re happy to tell you more about an on-site analysis and what we can do for you. Please contact us.

Welcome to the future of software analysis!