At Empear we provide a range of services to make sure that our customers get the best offering possible.


Empear offers an on-site analysis of your codebase. You get a detailed description of the status of your project and what you need to do to improve your delivery efficiency. We help you:

The analysis results are delivered as a written report and presented on-site to your organization.


Our monitoring service ensures your software evolves according to plan. With our monitoring service CodeScene runs on-premise and our analysis experts monitor the progress of your software projects. Our experts run regular workshops with your team where we present the analysis findings and set goals for improving your system. Our monitoring service also comes with weekly management reports.


We offer a one day workshop where you learn all the best practices that makes you a CodeScene Champion. You bring your own codebase to the workshop. That makes it easier for you to interpret and relate to the analysis results and at the same time you get valuable insights into your software project.